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A Shift in Thinking 
Old Property Paradigm “Profit” vs New Property Paradigm “Life”

Old Way of Thinking or Awareness of  Conditioned Unconscious Mind                   How did Property became Monetised?

The Bankers loaned money to Kings and Queens, who sent their ships and armies to colonise the whole world and take it all for themselves. They enslaved the local inhabitants and setup corporate control of all human needs. They raped and pillaged all the spoils, while the economic slave migrants, buy the land and feed the economy, whilst being “Just Over Broke” in their Jobs. Then the Banks and Governments get in on the Party of More, at the expense of others.

So now, the local population cannot afford to buy their stolen land back from their government, due to this monetary system, ensuring it’s control.



In this Old Property Paradigm, the outcome is looked at as an economic gain (profit) for the Purchaser, Seller, Banks and Governments. There has been no consideration to the significant affect this had on human suffering and our intelligent life system.
Encouragement of population growth and conditioning to own your own home as “The Dream” contributes to the pressures of being an economic slave for at least 25 years of your working life, to pay off your mortgage. Most of us, in this time, also draw down on a line of credit for, Kids education, a New Car, Renovations, Another Property or a Holiday. This means, we create more debt and sign another life sentence, keeping us in Just Over Broke J.O.B, for many more years.

Moms’ and Dads’ are encouraged to attend Property Seminars and Workshops, to invest in more property. If there are more people, there’s more demand for housing and everything relating to real estate industry, which ensures economic growth and therefore profit. This in turn ensures the Bankers can receive their interest for the loans, bonds and insurances they continue to provide.

Just like John Newton, (the skipper and writer of the lyrics “Amazing Grace”), we too have had an awakening and are now advocates towards the shift to the new property paradigm, bringing life back to balance.

We as, Creative Property Consultants are working with Property Enthusiasts and Investors who want to create something Extra-ordinary with their Property assets to Contribute to our community and leave a name Legacy.

Philanthropists and the like 🙂

Be part of the “Paradigm Shift”… from Profit to Life, from Competition to Contribution and from Ego (without) to Spirit (within). Let us work with you to introduce and create a new intrinsic value to your property and meaning to your life.

This concept of designing your property to help the local community, results in creating Holistic Hubs, Affordable Accommodation for the Local Residents, Outreach Programs for Local Schools and Present Moment Living Programs, which we will manage, co-ordinate and duplicate with you.

Ref:   *Paradigm: – meaning                     “a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking and methodology that are shared by members of any discipline group sympathetic to the same idea.”


There is no right and wrong…..it is only the outcome that changes.

Please note that the information on this website is based on our experience and knowledge we’ve gained along the way. We hope some of this information will be of value, however we do not take any responsibility for your life situations.

We’d like to hear your story.

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