DrainPro – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q’s

Please find below some of the Frequently Asked Questions from our clients.

Does DrainPro have a Lifetime Guarantee?
The environmentally friendly DrainPRO™ comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee for the plastic device, with normal use. 1 Year guaranteee on metal grate and housing*

Can I install the DrainPro Grate myself?
Yes, the DrainPro grate is simple to install yourself. All you have to do is twist your current drain guard off and then simply place your DrainPro over the drain hole and twist it in. It’s that easy!
Bookings for our In-house Installation service are available on request. (Brisbane to Ballina only)
Having trouble installing the DrainPro yourself, simply contact us here

I have a Cockroach problem, will the DrainPro help?
Yes the DrainPro will stop cockroaches and other insect pests from coming up through the grate.

I have Sand flies, Midges or Drain flies. Will the DrainPro fitting help?
Yes, together with the revolutionary new design feature and the sealed cavity of the DrainPro®, small insects cannot come up through the grate. You will never have trouble with cockroaches, sand flies, and midges again! ….and best of all its environmentally friendly.

Is DrainPro suitable for a septic tank or a bio tank?
Yes, the DrainPro is suitable for septic tanks and bio tanks.
It is environmentally friendly and uses no chemicals.

Will DrainPro eliminate odour problems coming from the drains?
Absolutely! This is the main reason the DrainPro Grate was designed, to get rid of and prevent bad Smells, Bacteria and Pests from emanating up through the drains. DrainPro does this by having a water sealed cavity below the grate that blocks odours escaping up through the grate.

What is MicrobePRO® Antibacterial?
MicrobePRO® is a wholly Australian owned business which has developed a range of antimicrobial products. It currently has agreements to promote its products in Australia, SE Asia and the USA.
MicrobePRO® Antibacterial is a comprehensive range of antimicrobial additives designed to reduce the growth of harmful organisms such as bacteria, mould and fungi, while remaining entirely safe for even the most sensitive applications.
Based on an innovative silver technology, MicrobePRO® Antibacterial is incorporated into our products and coatings at the point of manufacture.

Against which organisms is MicrobePRO® Antibacterial effective?
Independent testing has shown MicrobePRO® Antibacterial to be effective against many organisms, including bacteria such as Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Suers (MRSA), Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enteritis and Listeria monocytogenes and Moulds such as Aspergillumsniger.

How does MicrobePRO® Antibacterial kill these organisms?
Studies of the means by which silver acts on microbial cells have demonstrated several mechanisms: interaction with sulfhydryl groups of proteins; inhibition of cell wall synthesis during mitosis (the process of cell division by which the bacteria replicates); disabling of the cell’s proton pump; unwinding of cell DNA; interruption of hydrogen bonding processes within the cell.
The extensive use of silver ions impregnated in their products provides a durable, non-leachable antimicrobial treatment, which is lethal to single-celled micro-organisms but harmless to human cells. DrainPro is impregnated inherently Antimicrobial which means that bacteria is destroyed when coming into contact with a treated surface.

How quickly will MicrobePRO® Antibacterial work?
Bacteria will be exposed to the active component, ionic silver, on contact with a MicrobePRO® Antibacterial treated surface. However, since the silver ions need to enter the cell in order to have an effect, there may be a delay before any antimicrobial action is observed. This delay will be dependent on a number of factors, including: the level of antimicrobial present in the treated article; the composition of the treated article (e.g. the polymer in the case of a moulded product); the environment (e.g. cool or warm, dry or humid); the organism.
The standard test used to establish antimicrobial effect is JIS Z 2801:2000. This is a Japanese protocol, which has been generally adopted as the most effective means of comparing the performance of antimicrobial surfaces.The protocol stipulates a test temperature of 35°C and a duration of 24 hours, but the latest MicrobePRO® Antibacterial coatings have also been demonstrated to achieve excellent antimicrobial performance at temperatures as low as 4°C and over time periods as short as 2 hrs.

What approvals do MicrobePRO® Antibacterial additives have?
All antimicrobials used in the MicrobePRO® Antibacterial range of additives have EFSA, EPA, FDA registration and are Australian accredited & noted on European Biocidal Products Directive.This revolutionary patented DrainPro® adapter with MicrobePRO® additive kills bacteria and prevents bugs, foul odours and gases from escaping, whilst maximising the flow of water.

Where can I use DrainPro?
Ideal for drains in living and work areas, including hospitals, hotels, homes, schools, dinning, food preparation, pet and livestock, or wherever there is an issue of foul odours or the spread of bacteria mould, mildew and fungus is a threat.

Will the use of MicroPRO® Antibacterial create yet more resistant strains of bacteria?
Bacteria have been shown to develop resistance to organic antimicrobial agents, which typically have a single mode of action, such as Triclosan. Since the ionic silver used in MicrobePRO® Antibacterial employs several modes of action, the likelihood of bacterial resistance is considered to be very low indeed.
It is worth noting that silver has been used for its sterilising properties for many hundreds of years, yet there is no evidence of naturally occurring resistance among bacteria.

What are the Testing Results?
Full independent laboratory testing (JIS Z 2801:2000) certificates which indicate that DrainPRO® and PaintPRO® will kill common bacterial like MRSA, Ecoli, Salmonella and Aspergillums (99.995% certified), are available on request.