The World’s No.1 Drain Protection Floor Grate

Why Live with Dangerous Bacteria and Insects when you can…Say Goodbye to Unhealthy Smells and Inconvenience and Hello to a Fresh Healthy Living Environment and Clean Rivers and Oceans?

8 Reasons Why You Need DrainPRO®

  1. Instantly and Permanently Stops Smelly Drains & Bacteria coming into your Living or Work Area from Dirty Drains .
  2. Environmentally Friendly – No need to pour Chemicals down the smelly drain to mask smells & Harm our Oceans and Rivers.
  3. Saves you Time and Money $$$ – No need to pay Plumber Call-out Fees and No Chemicals or Insecticides needed, with a Lifetime Guarantee.
  4. Infused with MicrobePRO® Antibacterial additive that kills bacteria on contact – Suitable for Septic or Bio Tanks. (99.99% Certified)
  5. Prevents Cockroaches and Insect infestation, like Sand Flies, from coming up the Dirty Drains and Infecting your Living Environment.
  6. Maximise Water Flow exceeding 40 litres per minute through a 100mm drain fitting.
  7. Easy to Clean and Retrieve Lost Goods, like Jewellery etc.
  8. Easy to Install or Retrofit to drains – Maximise Your Property!

Ideal for Drains in Living and Work areas, including Hospitals, Hotels, Homes, Schools, Dining, Food Preparation, Pet and Livestock industry, or wherever the spread of Bacteria, Mould, Mildew and Fungus is a threat.

Our Mission Is…
“To Fill Every Drain with DrainPRO®, thereby Creating Healthy Living Environments and Contributing to the Wellbeing of our Ecology by Reducing Chemicals Reaching Our Waterways.”

Sep-a-rate ………..Your Living Environment ……… from the………… Dirty Drainage System!


Eliminate Smelly Drains with DrainPRO® & Get Peace of Mind with its LIFETIME Guarantee!

  • DrainPRO® comes with a lifetime guarantee to stop smells and odours being emitted from floor waste drains in all domestic, medical and commercial floor waste drains
  • DrainPRO® is Australian made and Patented revolutionary design, easily retrofitted to most 100mm floor waste drains. Constructed with MicrobePRO® antibacterial additive which kilsl bacteria and prevents drain flies, foul odours and gases from escaping, while maximising the flow of water through the floor waste drain.
  • DrainPRO® is designed to retrofit any existing 100mm drain in residential, commercial and medical buildings. The water seal prevents bacteria, odours and insects from exiting through the drain into the building.
  • If the drain is required to operate as a floor drain it will easily achieve flow rates exceeding 40 litres per minute should a pipe or tap burst.

DrainPRO® Prevents the Spread of Germs

A correctly installed DrainPRO® with MicrobePRO® Antibacterial additive and its ionic silver non-toxic antibacterial properties can contribute significantly to minimizing the spread of disease and infection, including antibiotic-resistant “Super Bugs” such as MRSA, Salmonella, EColi, Pseudomonas, Aspergillums and others. Independent laboratory testing (JIS Z 2801:2000) certifies the durable DrainPRO® units meet the highest international manufacturing and antimicrobial standards.

DrainPRO® Products

75-100mm and 120-150mm Floor Grates
Designed to fit a range of Residential, Commercial and Medical drains

DrainPRO® Insert Unit and Grate only

DrainPRO® with Square, Octagon or Round Housing

Chrome Plated Brass, Stainless Steel or White Plastic

How to Order
Order Online or over the Phone.

Take a Photo of your Floor Grate with a Measuring Tape (from 100mm).

Email or SMS Pic to us.

Maximise Your Property (MYP) will Check Grate size, shape & stock.

MYP to Confirm availability, complete price & delivery date with Quote.

Once payment has been received and confirmed along with preferred method of postage,  the package will be sent to you.

In the event that you need Specific Grate to be attached to the Adapter – Post your Grate to us with Replied Paid envelope to return. We will attach the DrainPRO® Adapter and send it back to you, to Easily Install.



DrainPRO® Floor Grate Inserts are Priced from $80.00 to 135.00 plus GST.

Postage, Handling and Delivery Costs will be clarified in Your Quote.

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