Everyone is at a different financial and emotional place when it comes to, what is owed as a mortgage and what is owned as an asset or liability. There are many homeowners and Investors who owe more than what the value of their property is worth at present and there are those who need to use their equity wisely. We have seen the need to assist people in all types of circumstances to find creative solutions for their property situations.

The detailed research and feasibility studies we offer you will educate you to make informed decisions on how best to maximise your property, based on looking at your very own current set of circumstances in the current Micro and Macro Climates. (MYP Assessment fee applies)

Tax-Free Capital Gains (Differs country to country) Information is determined on a case by case basis for international customers. Open for Enquiries.

Scenario: Convenience and value in a PPR

There are other important factors to think about if you͛re buying a home. Say, for example, your job pays you $50,000 per year and you have 2 properties from which to choose:

Property #1 – PPR, is close to work but has no land attached to it. You like it because it͛s convenient to your work and town. Also, it has a payment you can afford.

Property#2 – also a PPR, is not close to work-say a 45-minute drive each way and is also affordable. But it also has land attached, which can be subdivided and sold for $50,000. The question in this case is, ͚should you value convenience over income?͛

If you look at it as a real estate investor, the answer is clear: Property #2 is the one you should buy. Even though it takes longer to get to work and back every day, you will have gained $50,000 tax-free when you sell it, which turns out to more than a year͛s income to you! Now which property do you think is really more “convenient”?

If you look at it as a lifestyle choice, the answer is also clear. Trying to find balance in this world can be challenging. So, I have 168 hours a week, If I spend 9 hours at work 5 days a week, I still need to do all my grocery shopping and Corporation payments and chores while giving my Body, Mind and Spirit enough meditation, stretching , excersise and stimulation to function with Love, Co-operation and Harmony. So adding an hour and a half of travelling into five of the seven days adds up to another seven and a half hours a week that has been taken away from my lifestyle week. The cost of running the car with wear and tear, as well as just sitting for another seven and a half hours every week, hoping no reckless drivers come your way, is enough to see value in spending that time and money in nature, with life, that could be far more valuable for your life.

The outcomes determined in each unique set of circumstances, is dependant on where value lies within the decision makers.

How we work

  • We receive your enquiry (by phone/email)

We make contact by phone/email and arrange a suitable meeting time.

  • We meet and discuss your situation and needs in detail
  • We provide a creative Proposal and HOA for a win-win outcome.
  • Each project is unique. Project begins as per Scope of Works and Agreement. Regular contact is made to keep you informed with progress and timelines.
  • Project is completed in a professional way.

3 Common Mistakes

  1. Over capitalising…spending more than what it͛s worth
  2. Not educating yourself…signing before looking at all options
  3. Paying too much when buying…know the market well.

3 Must Do’s

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Invest in people
  3. Maximise your property

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