Kildare Drive

This was one of our first projects done in Australia. We purchased the property after a detailed inspection had been done. We had decided that we would live in the property while working full time jobs and renovate in our spare time.

The scope of works included a lot of Landscaping in gardens front and back, re-designing and renovating the Office, Kitchen, Dining, Lounge and Laundry spaces. We knew there was a lot of work to do and never put a lid on the timeline. We also felt that we should live in the property for a while to determine the best outcome. In this time we drew up over 25 plans and procrastinated even more.

We have learned so much and educated ourselves since then to now understand the real value of setting a tight timeline. We can discuss this in further detail in person when you find yourself in this trap. Be educated and prepared with all the attention to every detail taken into account before you begin any project.

One of the lessons learned, was not to make emotional decisions on the project. Having a tight budget with so much work to be done on a tight timeline, usually fuels an emotional response, which can cloud rational thought. Quite often you don’t realise that you are making emotional decisions. To prevent this from happening, we now conduct a Maximise your Property Assessment (MPA) with specific feasibility studies, before any project begins, to ensure that no emotion is involved in your decision making. This is where investing in PSA can make all the difference.

We finished this project knowing a lot more than when we started it. We renovated initially to our own taste and finished with the target market in mind. The end result of the project was amazing. The living areas were beautiful and worked very well with the laundry just inside the house next to the garage. The gardens were stunning, more private and low maintenance. The office was a great feature to the target market.

This project inspired us to begin Property Solutions Assist (PSA) to assist in educating people who want to maximise their property and learn the pit falls of the Buying, Renovating and selling process.

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