Lithfield Place

David and Gerry are a couple looking to Downsize. Gerry had already stopped working and David was retiring within 12 months. They had a large property in Logan, over 1000 m² which required a lot of work to maintain the grounds and the home. They decided to find a smaller property more suited to their needs.

When they found the house they liked, in Lithfield Place, PSA did a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and a Maximise your Property Assessment (MPA) for them, to determine what a realistic offer would be. They put in that suggested offer with terms and it was accepted. PSA and David and Gerry discussed the Scope of Works and timelines so they could move into a purpose-renovated house, specifically designed to suit their needs. PSA’s quote for the Scope of Works came in cheaper than others, with a much higher quality finish, including stone bench tops, under-mount sink, glass splashbacks and showers screens, feature tiles and hardware.

David was planning to sell the property they were living in once he had moved into the new property in Lithfield Place.
They had enough money to put a deposit down to purchase the Lithfield Place house and pay for the renovations outlined in the Scope of Works. The timing of the renovation was crucial to the success of the transaction. PSA had 4 weeks to complete the Scope of Works for them to move in.

PSA set to work. The work went according to plan and was finished on schedule. PSA provided a Feature Wall with specialist paint finish, as a Bonus Gift to them. They moved in at the beginning of the month as planned.

PSA offered their assistance in moving the old property, to do a CMA and MPA and to style it for the target market.
They decided not to use our services. We watched the outcome of their experience and they did contact us towards the end in desperation. The property was put on the market in April for $437,000 and sat for over 200 days without a buyer. David and Gerry were at this time desperate to sell and dropped their price by $40,000 to get a sale.
The Property Styling would have cost less than 1/10 of that loss and very possibly achieved a better outcome in a shorter period of time.

This transaction:
1. PSA’s services are available to be used or not.
2. We are specialists in a field and will gladly assist you in finding the best solution for your property needs.
3. It is important to note that once the property has been on the market for a length of time, it will be very difficult to add value and style it to attract a specific target market.
4. It is of utmost importance to prepare the property before any real estate agent is called.
We are not emotionally attached to the property which gives us clarity to work with the statistics from our due diligence we do, in our detailed research.

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