Matthew Walters on Drain-Pro

Matthew Walters – Mantra Coolangatta Beach

“Over my 3 years managing the Mantra at Coolangatta Beach, we have had issues with smelly drains & in one particular room, cockroaches. We continued to pour chemicals down the drains and had pest controllers come through our building to spray for cockroaches & lay baiting programs. This worked for a short while but after a few weeks continued to occur & create issues with cleanliness & guests staying in rooms, sometimes requiring room moves and/or refunds of monies.

After searching for some way of rectifying this problem short of ripping all the pipes out of the building (costly), we came across the DrainPro insert. We initially trialed this in approximately 30 bathrooms in the hotel for a period of 6 months & during this time we didn’t encounter any problems with smells or cockroaches coming into the bathrooms, not 1 single issue or complaint from anyone. Needless to say, we went ahead & purchased more of the DrainPro inserts for the remaining letting apartments & now all of the bathrooms have these inserts in the floor grates. Again, since they have been installed, we have had no complaints regarding smells or insect/cockroaches.

We have also had guests drop expensive pieces of jewelry down into the drains & our maintenance staff have been able to simply retrieve the items by pulling the DrainPro inserts out. For us to be able to do this in every room now has really given us an extra advantage & the smile on the guests faces when we do this is all worth it.

All up, I would recommend this product to anyone & in any application & at less than $100 each, great value for money.”